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The Alfredo Alla Scrofa Restaurant cuisine is traditional but with a modern insipiration. It rigorously respects the seasons. The menu was created to equilibrate a variety of concreate flavors, well defines and strong character not forgetting the presentation . The recipes created by Sepe Chef come from the knowledge of the ingredients and the different ways to handle them with innovative techniques, respecting the environment. Flagship of the Restaurant alfredo alla scrofa is the new kitchen: a great window, the only one in Rome city center that show itself directly to the outside road. It haas been realized with a 4.0 technology, a huge energy saving equipments, high performances and quality.



Alfredo alla Scrofa wine cellar makes and authentic treasure chest available. It is been created with a great passion from Alessandro Novelli Sommelier, it’s a journey through the italian regions, big and small wine producers are connected to historical international wine institution, modern wines and once upon a time ones. This gives birth to an enormous variety of labels that embraces also champagne, to satisfy all the need go wine lovers.